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Angry Bisexuals

The Home of the Big Gay Bear

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Are you angry? Are you bisexual?


Why then we want you!

And so does our mascot, the Big Gay Bear!

This is a community for bisexuals of all shapes and sizes, as long as they're angry! Feel free to post about the joys of alternative sexuality, and, more importantly, if something angrys up the blood, we want to know about it! If your father doesn't like your lesbian shoes, let us know! If you reach down the front of someone's trousers and are satisfied with whatever you find, let us know!


1. You must be bisexual to join.
2. You must be angry to join.
3. You must be over 16 to join (no Lolita complexes here, please; it makes us angry).
4. Please be polite. This is a community for bisexuals, but no hetero- or homophobia will be tolerated.
5. If you are posting pictures, they must be linked or under a cut tag. Please don't link to/post any pictures that could be rated more than a 15.