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Obligatory introduction post!

Hi, I'm your angry friendly neighbourhood mod, Fin Mefiant (call me Meffie). Basically this is a place to come to and be bi and angry, preferably at the same time, but I'm not going to quibble if the rant about something irrelevant is funny, and the non-angry pictures/stories are hot. ^_^

Em-chan (a_reminiscence) says the Big Gay Bear needs a mention, so here we go. The Big Gay Bear is a former Care Bear I stole from McDonald's. He is pink, with a rainbow on his tummy, and he holds a rainbow-coloured heart (God bless him). The words 'Big Gay Bear' are written on his stomach in bisexual purple, and he smells a bit like cheap perfume. He's not actually very big, more the size of a hot cross bun, really. The community icon is a very blurry picture of him on one of his many rampant nights out on the desk.

Stay tuned for the appearance of the Big Gay Bear's younger brother, the Little Gay Bear! Who is actually more than five times the size of the Big Gay Bear.
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