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Update on the Little Gay Bear:

I have finally been able to pay for him, and thankfully the seller didn't mind waiting ages for the money (thank you, a_reminiscence [/bitchy]). He should be here soon, and then I'll post pictures of him doing angry things with his big brother (but not like that XD).
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Ah, Londond Gay Pride 2005. The pictures are fantastic and, apparently, so was the weather. I can't believe we missed it after deciding we would go and that there would be much wearing of clever-sloganed t-shirts. Damn and blast. At least my uncles got to go and the pictures are fab...I shall post some as soon as I can chav their camera.

When are there any other pride events, does anyone know? I'm so bummed that I missed the cabaret evening.
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I was the only one in my class to bring a girl as my 'date', though we aren't dating. Since most of my classmates believed that I was asexual, they were very shocked. *evil grin* Their faces were hilarious. They didn't make a fuss though, we all grew up together. I'm glad of that. It would've hurt. Instead, they either complimented me on my appearance or hugged me, sometimes both. Ah, the memories. I ended up dancing with Jordan, my 'date', Jordan's date and the student council president. All girls, except Jordan but he's more feminine than I am.

Yesterday, Jordan and I spent the evening pointing out hot men at the mall. Fun stuff.
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I may have accidentally posted this in the wrong journal last night. Fatigue = stupider than normal Meffie.

I'm bored, so I thought I'd mention that today I got angry in my GS exam, and ranted about Gay Rights and the fact that I'd rather be reading bisexual porn than sitting the exam.

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On a lesbianish note: (Yay! Lesbians!)

I hope everyone is excited about the L Word box set being released on the 20th.  It's going to be fan-fucking-tastic.

I also hope that everyone is enthusing and drooling over Shane as much as they should be, she is pure sex after all.

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Well, I'm not quite sure what to put here so I thought, "Why not put things that piss me off?"

-People who assume that I'm only interested in guys.
-People who ask me which guy I want to take to prom
-People who give me weird looks when I say "He's hot and she's hot" in the same breath.
-Having to lie.
-Stupid/Arrogant people.
-Being cornered.
-TV shows with no plot.
-When there's nothing good to read in the doctor's office.
-HBC propaganda (only in Canada)

To be continued... Or not.
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Obligatory introduction post!

Hi, I'm your angry friendly neighbourhood mod, Fin Mefiant (call me Meffie). Basically this is a place to come to and be bi and angry, preferably at the same time, but I'm not going to quibble if the rant about something irrelevant is funny, and the non-angry pictures/stories are hot. ^_^

Em-chan (a_reminiscence) says the Big Gay Bear needs a mention, so here we go. The Big Gay Bear is a former Care Bear I stole from McDonald's. He is pink, with a rainbow on his tummy, and he holds a rainbow-coloured heart (God bless him). The words 'Big Gay Bear' are written on his stomach in bisexual purple, and he smells a bit like cheap perfume. He's not actually very big, more the size of a hot cross bun, really. The community icon is a very blurry picture of him on one of his many rampant nights out on the desk.

Stay tuned for the appearance of the Big Gay Bear's younger brother, the Little Gay Bear! Who is actually more than five times the size of the Big Gay Bear.
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